"There were women older than I, dancing better and stronger than I! I needed to improve aerobically and anaerobically and didn’t have a clue how to do it. Then I saw Bija’s flyer for Fitness by Phone...

The weekly phone calls help me stick to my exercise goals and plan. I am now very consistent with my training, which makes all the difference in the world!

After three months, my capacity has improved dramatically. I am dancing better, stronger, and longer. My dance coach is thrilled with my improvement, as my posture and dancing are becoming more consistent and correct.

I highly recommend Bodies by Bija and Fitness by Phone for anyone wanting to improve their fitness. This really works!"

Linda M.E.
"I do synchronized figure skating and our routines are very demanding. Working with Bija has given me such a great advantage. I've learned things I'll use my whole life. There aren't words to explain how important this has been for me."

~ LM, skater
"I am thrilled with my new body! I just put on a pair of jeans I haven't been able to wear for seven years! Coaching by phone has been so great for me. Finally I am consistent with my exercise, and I am really getting in shape!"

- DS, Medical Consultant
"My life is very full and I am quite happy. There was something missing however... regular exercise. Bija has me jumping on a little trampoline and doing other exercises that keep me strong. I am 89 years old, and have fallen a few times this year (on the ice, over a garden hose) but thankfully nothing broke! So I think we will keep up the exercises!"

~ FS, mother, grandmother, artist

"Bija has made an incredible difference in my life! Exercise has never come easily to me, and was even harder during my pregnancy. Bija really understands my headset when it comes to exercise. It's got to be reasonably fun or I probably won't do it! She has worked miracles with me, you'd be lucky to work with her!"

~ LR graphic designer