Dancers and Skaters
Dynamic Fitness

DANCING is athletic! Why not get into the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE and see how your dancing improves? Speed, flexibility, strength, core stability, balance, endurance... all make you a better dancer! We can work with your given talents and fitness level, and bring you up to your full potential. THAT is exciting!

Is weight loss your stumbling block? Is it lack of energy? There's no need to continue with those obstacles. You can reach your goals! Working at your gym, studio or home, you can improve your body every day, with your own Bodies by Bija Fitness Coach.

Let's get fit to dance!

SKATING requires athleticism and endurance, as well as the skills and grace of dancing. For optimal development, skaters should have a comprehensive fitness plan to augment on-ice training.

Especially in young girls, these years are critical. Physical, emotional and psychological develpment are happening quickly, and you want your child to have the BEST resources for personal growth!

Coaching young skaters is a passion of mine. In addition to challenging them physically, I work to bring out the 'happy athlete' inside. We also encompass:

•body image
•eating and nutrition issues
•healthy competitiveness
•self-sufficiency in home exercise

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